Our Company Values and Business Philosophy

Templeton Financial Group, which was founded in 2005, had a set of core values. Those values remain consistent today. We attempt to go above and beyond what is expected from our clients. Although we cannot control the market, we can control our focus on the markets.


Customers Are Our First Priority

Templeton Financial Group hopes to be the very best futures and options broker in the industry. We work hard each day to find ways to offer our valued clients the types of trading strategies that will assist them in trading. We actively seek out ways to educate clients as well as make sure we listen to every concern or recommendation that can assist us in becoming a better firm. We exist because of our clients and always keep that in mind. We strive to exceed expectations.


Because Seconds Count and Execution Matters

When it comes to futures and options trading, speed is essential. At Templeton Financial Group, we are dedicated to routing and executing your orders as well as reporting fills as quickly as possible. Whether trading online with our available trading platform or calling in orders for a broker assisted account, we are always mindful of the speed of execution.


Professionalism and Knowledge Matter

The commodity brokers at Templeton Financial Group take our integrity and professionalism seriously. When dealing with our customers, we are committed to treating you with the utmost fairness, courtesy, respect and professionalism that you would expect from a brokerage firm that appreciates your business. Although in today's world of technology, nothing is 100%, and mistakes can and do happen. We will take immediate steps to correct any issues or problems that may occur. Our brokers are knowledgeable about the markets and will assist you with any questions or concerns you have about the markets, your account or any of the various trading strategies we offer you.