Market Research - Unleaded Gas



Reformulated Blendstock for Oxygenate Blending (RBOB)


Get Ready to Pay More for Gasoline; Prices

Could Leap to Two-Year High This Spring




Saudi Oil Output Drops Under OPEC Quota
Close to Two-Year Low




Market Research - Natural Gas



Natural Gas 2016 - 2017



U.S. natural gas market rebalancing well underway:

Crude Futures Continue to Rise on
Bullish Gasoline Data



Time to Grab Commoidities Bull By The Horns



U.S. Oil Industry Becomes
Refiner to World as Exports












Natural-Gas Prices Heat Up as Oil
Drilling Cools Off



Gas Traders Haven’t Been So Bullish on
Winter Since Polar Vortex




Natural Gas Gains on Improving
Supply-and-Demand Balance


Farmers' almanac 2017 winter outlook