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MARKET WATCH - Stock trader who called three crashes sees 20% collapse

MIAMI (MarketWatch) — Mark Cook, a veteran investor included in Jack Schwager’s
best-selling book, “Stock Market Wizards,” and the winner of the 1992 U.S. Investing
Championship with a 563% return, believes the U.S. market is in trouble.


MARKET WATCH - This stock bubble is ‘beyond 1929 and 2007,’ says John Hussman

John Hussman can generally be counted on for a bearish take on the stock market. But
his latest weekly commentary letter is a doozy, with some particularly pointed remarks
aimed at investors who continue to believe valuations are fair in stocks.


MARKET WATCH - If ever the stock market flashed a ‘sell’ signal, it’s now

MIAMI (MarketWatch) — I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking: Is this market
going to go up another 10%? I have no idea. But this being a powerful market that can
blow your account clean off if you’re wrong, you’ve gotta ask yourself: “Do I feel lucky?”